Olifu GmbH was founded in 1986 under the name of HaPe Kiga GmbH. It was created by Peter Handstein with the aim of providing high quality products to German kindergartens. Monika Ellrich, Dieter Ellrich and Oliver Funk acquired HaPe Kiga GmbH in 2003 and, at the beginning of 2011, changed the company’s identity to Olifu GmbH.

Olifu GmbH has become an important and integral service for kindergartens in Germany, through its high quality products and strong customer relationships. Olifu GmbH continues to go from strength to strength in Germany, whilst also successfully establishing itself in Austria, Belgium, France, Latvia, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Spain and Sweden. Olifu England began in April 2011 with the aim of recreating the same ethos of high quality and strong customer relationships for the English market.

Olifu England distributes an exclusive range of high quality educational aids for use in schools, nurseries, preschools, kindergartens, and playgroups. These innovative products help the development of children, by teaching children the fundamentals in an active, participative and fun way. Quality, creativity and safety are very important to us- all our products meet European safety standards (EN71).

Our Company Vision

We are there for our customers in order to assist in safeguarding their jobs through the unique selling point of our products and the training that we offer.

We make your institution and your work, which you perform using our products, something special, establishing the foundation for securing our jobs as well as creating new ones. This has already been happening for years worldwide.

The primary intention of this vision is the fact that we can help children around the world, due to the simplicity of our products, to playfully experience the truly important things in life. The children’s gratitude for supporting their emotional, mental and physical development is guaranteed.

Those who have not yet realized the need to be unique in order to live successfully in the future may not have realized that this way of thinking must be implemented.

We are also delighted to be allowed to act as a support pillar for our customers.